Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garden Creatures update, Week 7

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
We now have 4 cocoons and only one caterpillar (and he is hanging from the top of the jar, so he is likely to be in his cocoon by tomorrow).

Our tadpoles have back legs.

John (Cathal's grandad) brought us in some fine, healthy looking worms which we added to our wormery. We will be able to see lots of new tunnels through the sand and soil layers by tomorrow.We made some fabulous insect collages - We coloured, cut out and stuck on mini beasts and garden creatures, cut and stuck on ponds, rivers, lakes, grass and bushes. In nature you can find lots of bugs, insects, mini beasts and small animals near grass, bushes and water. Our pictures show some of the mini beasts you can find if you look carefully enough!

Wednesday, 27th May 2010
All our caterpillars are in their cocoons. We transferred them to their butterfly garden today.

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