Saturday, February 12, 2011

Videos (animoto) for our Healthy Living project

Our Healthy Living project, very kindly sponsored by Medtronic Foundation
Week 1, Planting our school garden under the advice and help of Kay Synott, April 13th, 2010.Week 2, More planting and watering with Kay. Some of our seeds are coming up. Fantastic presentation from Brendan Smith all about healthy living.
Week 3, Making a human Food PyramidWeek 3, Food Art
Week 4, Tasting fruits and vegetables
Week 4, Printing faces with fruits and vegetablesWeek 5, Gardening and watching our plants grow
Week 6, Gardening
Week 6, Creatures in our class

Week 6, Wishing tree and more food art

Week 7, Mini beast hunt

Week 8 Sheep's heart dissection

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